Saturday, November 7, 2015

Zentangle ATC

So I tried doing a free motion Zentangle ATC on the machine. Can't really say it was a success...but it was a fun experiment. I sandwiched together a light grey linen napkin and dark grey craft felt in a hoop that fits under my sewing machine foot. Black thread in the top of the machine and white in the bobbin (just to see the stitching on the back). I drew out some of the main shapes with one of those Frixion pens that disappear with heat.

The back became interesting looking as I went...and I remembered that it was possible to "melt away" the craft felt with heat. So I proceeded to finish my zentangle, trying to keep the back trimmed up as neatly as possible.

I pinned it out on some cardboard (so it wouldn't distort the overall shape), and proceeded to "melt" away what I could with the heat gun.
Oops, you can see I got a little carried away and burnt the fabric in a few spots.
To disguise my heat gun enthusiasm, I soaked it in a little tea to even out the brown spots...
...and voila !
So, some things I learned:
1. As you can see, the open patterns made a bolder design when melted.
2. Connected lines did better when melted too...because there was a place to "cling" as it shrank. (See how the dots and Xs look a bit messy?) (Plus they were very tedious to snip after fun.)
3. The more detailed stitching on the front made the pattern to dense to melt away.
4. I like using the heat gun. :)\
5. It is hard to dig out stitches with the seam ripper on craft felt.
6. I do like the texture, and the "skeleton" feel of it.
7. Next time I might just omit the linen and stack 2 different colors of craft felt with the same color thread in top and bobbin. With a piece of fabric somewhere...but not the whole background...

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