Friday, July 16, 2010

Art Dolls - A Round Robin 3

These dolls are getting more and more interesting as we near the end of our Round Robin exchange! Each one is taking on it's very own personality with more and more people putting their stamp on each doll.

Doll #5: This gorgeous creation is my mom's doll. When she came to me she had a rather manly, protruding jawline and no facial features. That really worried the first thing I decided to do was perform a little plastic surgery on her. I didn't take a "before" picture...but let's just say the surgery was a great success! I then proceeded to stress and worry about ruining the doll if I gave her the wrong face for an entire month...and finally stitched and painted it on the day before the swap. Whew! Call me the Queen of Procrastination!

I also ended up making her a little skirt out of some buttery yellow fabric so that she could be officially deemed "decent"...and fully clothed.

Only one more doll to go before I get my own doll back! :)

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