Monday, May 31, 2010

Art Dolls - A Round Robin

I was going to wait until the end of this project before posting any of the pictures, but I just couldn't wait any longer. I've enjoyed being a part of an art doll "round robin" for approx 3 months so far...with another 3 months to go. What that means is that we each made a base doll and are taking turns adding something to each person's doll. We pretty much have the freedom to make whatever we want, and when we get together each month we have a little show-n-tell and swap for the next doll. It's great fun! :)

Doll #1: I was the first person to get to add something to this doll. I knew that her owner liked vintage things and had suggested a flapper theme. She had already stitched the sweet face on her, and so the next logical step was to add some hair. I couched down charlotte seed beads in a little flapper hairstyle and added a tiny carved mother of pearl button accent and drop earrings.

Doll #2: Apparently she had split a seam on her shoulder during her making and had gotten a little daisy tattoo to cover up the I felt she could handle a rather "wild" hair-do. Again, her face was already stitched, so I felt she just needed some hair to really pull off the spunky personality. I sewed a couple different kinds of deep red/black novelty yarn all over her scalp, and was pleased with the resulting hairstyle.

Doll #3: Yes, I could do something other than hair, but to me the dolls look pretty naked without, I wanted to give this doll her hair as well. She did have her jewelry on and a colorful ribbon skirt, but she refused to talk to me unless I gave her some fun locks. :) The owner of this doll likes Halloween and witches, so I was thinking along the lines of a "good witch" to go with the elements that were already made. The technique for attaching hair worked really well on the second doll, but I wanted this one to have a different finished hairstyle. Long straight purple locks...tucked behind her ears, and I think it ties in with her jewelry and personality nicely.

The next doll is not finished yet, but I'll post some photos before I pass her to the next person. Since she already had some hair when she came to me...I was able to focus my attention elsewhere this time. :)

Surprising Inspiration

I took this photo of my neice, and I just love the composition and contrast of color! I think it looks like a little portrait of her beautiful personality. :)
She loves to "make art" and I love to see what she creates and watch her work. Here is one my favorite of her drawings...she constantly inspires me. :)
Isn't it fun how the flowers are like buttons? She came up with that all on her own. I want to make a fiber piece inspired by this particular drawing, and show it to her to see what she thinks. I think it would make her smile! :)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Stitch Challenge #3

OK. This one got a little harder...with a DOUBLE TRIAD color scheme using only the BUTTONHOLE stitch.

Trying to find a way to get 6 specific colors into one piece without using others proved a little challenging. I ended up splitting the colors in half and using 3 on the felted background and 3 for the embroidery on top. This narrowed my choices a little and freed me up to play. I decided to go with a somewhat abstract design for this one I wouldn't get too bogged down with trying to make it look like something in particular.

The results are ok. But I think I enjoy my finished pieces more when they represent something specific rather than being completely abstract. I do enjoy stitching this way, but I ended up with something that doesn't really speak to me or make me smile. My next piece will definitely have one or more of my favorite motifs...hearts, trees, leaves, flowers, houses...